Shelley has been a classroom teacher and specialist teacher in primary schools for more than 20 years. Her current role is coordinating and teaching a literacy intervention program.


Shelley wrote these Teaching Notes for the Sunshine Classics digital and print literacy program. They provide explicit teaching plans for small group teaching and focus on comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and writing. She hopes that these teaching notes will provide a time-saving guide so that teachers can pick up a book and start teaching immediately.

The book is free for download when you buy packs E and F from Sunshine Books

Watch this video where Shelley Ware uses and explains how Teachers can use the book she wrote "Teaching Notes" 

A testimonial from one of my private students Matthew L who wanted to share with you all how he felt about his reading after the help I gave him...

"My reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation were not at the level I needed to be at for year 6 as told to me by the school that I attend. They suggested to my Mum that I should get further testing. I was aware that I was not at the same level as all my friends and this affected my confidence. I would always be thinking about my unfinished work and if I was going to get told off because of it. It always gave me headaches. While other people had written one page I had only written three lines, this made me feel anxious and emotional.  

Then Shelley offered to help me and I felt really comfortable with her, she was really easy to talk to.  Shelley was kind and very dedicated in spending so much time with me.  She assessed the level I was at and agreed that I was not where I should have been at. I remember her having full faith in me and saying “Don’t worry Matthew we will fix this and in no time you will be at the level you need to be at”.

Well she was right!! Within six weeks of reading and working on activities daily from the program that Shelley used I became a different and confident person!!

Now I can play and have fun without having to worry about my work because I am happy with the work that I produce.  I am now proud to talk about my reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation. I am now reading above the level required and feel so much more confident in all I do. It feels so good to be able to finish my work and fit back in with all my friends and not be left behind.
Thank you so much Shelley, you’re the best!"      

*I truly feel so blessed every day to be able to work with wonderful children like Matthew...thank you Matthew you're awesome!